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    A feminine, multifunctional table for the modern woman. With its mirror, the external tray and two delicious drawers STYLO is the ideal make-up table. There is room for all your makeup and all your jewelry. The mirror can also be removed, and then can be used as a desk.


    The first transparent 3D-printed skull has been successfully implanted.

    Three months ago, surgeons in Holland implanted a transparent plastic skull in a woman whose skull has never stopped growing. Incredibly, the rare bone disease that was wrecking her vision and destroying her life has been been bested by a simple 3D printer. The team of surgeons, led by Dr. Bon Verweij at the University Medical Center in Utrecht, expect her new skull to last indefinitely, opening up new vistas for cranial transformation.

    Read the entire article here.

    (via eattherude)

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